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Please follow the following steps to install the Invoicem.

  • download the Invoicem app for Windows. 
  • double click the setup.exe
  • User Account Control message appears. Please select ‘Yes’. If Windows UAC  informs that the publisher is unknown, It is because we haven’t yet registered the app. With your donation, we can buy code signing certificate ( Cost $ 600 / year) and the warning will be removed.
  • once you select the options, and finished installing, you need to setup the database.
Invoicem-Setup exe

Database setup

Currently this app uses MySQL Maria Database as the database management system. You need a Maria Database server that hosted in your office or hosted with a third party providers. You can get it from our partner .

If you want to host the database your-self, please check the Hosting Database at your office article.

Once you have created a database, you can continue here.

There are two connection methods available.

  • Connect via SSH
  • Connect directly

We strongly recommend to connect via SSH if you are going to use the app out of your office environment. To connect via SSH, you need an SSH server. 


Connection Wizard

After you install the app, the database configuration file invoicem.config should be created so it will be used for connecting the app with database. 

If there is no invoicem.config found in the root installation folder, the setup wizard will be initiated. 

The setup wizard run with administrator privilege only. So, right click the Invoicem on your desktop and run it as administrator.

Download the MySQL script from the link on the right and save it in your computer.

During the process allow the UAC when it warns that the publisher is unknown.

In the database fields, enter port, host user and password. For SSH, enter port, user and password. SSH will use the Database host as the SSH host.  At this time, the SSH and MySQL server are should be in the same server to run this app.

Now, click the Database Import button and select the database script that you downloaded from here.

That’s all, you can start using the app. For clear understanding, watch the following video.


Open your programs and Features in the control panel and click the Invoicem and uninstall it.