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Invoice document features


When you create invoices with our Invoicem invoice creator app, you will get an all-in-one and customizable invoice document.

First Set up

To begin, you must create a company profile in Settings, and then Add an invoice saving path.

Settings -> Company Profile

company profile Settings

Settings -> Parameters

Settings Parameters

The features of Invoicem invoice document

A sample invoice is shown below. Also the pdf version of it is attached here to download.

  • Your company address, phone number, email and website
  • Tax Number (GST number)
  • Company logo
  • Invoice number: sequence auto created invoice number with this year at the end
  • Invoice to: Your customer company, address and their city, postal code
  • Invoice date, invoice due date
  • Attention to: Your customer company’s contact. You can add multiple contact in Customers page and can select a contact during invoice creation. This will be used as “attention to” for that particular invoice.
  • Line Items: Description (or product), unit, unit rate, line total, sub total, tax amount and grand total are the parts of the line items. If your service includes hour and day, you can enable this in the settings. and the invoice will show the hour, day headers in the table.
  • Footer notes
  • Additional payment notes such as “Please make all cheques payable to Infinbytes Inc”
  • A company motto at the bottom

Invoice Template

The header and footer designs can be changed by a custom invoice template. You can buy the source design file in .eps format and make changes to it and create your own template.

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