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Created invoices can be seen in the Invoice Manager page. From here you can manage the invoices. You can Print, Edit, Create PDF, and Send Email to the customer contact in this page.
invoice manager


 To create an invoice design, you need to upload an invoice template. A default template is provided with the software.  

It is your choice to make colorful invoice or just black and white invoice. To suite your template, you can change the other colors such as grid color, text color. Simply change the Color Hex Code to alter the colors.  Once you change the colors here, go to invoice management page, and test it by double clicking an invoice.


invoice template install


Before creating PDF of the invoice, you need to select a path to save the pdf files.

Click and browse to select a invoice save path and then save it. You may save the invoices in your cloud provider folder.

Now double click on an invoice from the list. Click the “Create PDF” button. 


invoice folder


Once an invoice is being displayed, you can send that invoice to the customer. 

You can create HTML signatures in the settings. To send an email, first you need to setup the email server. The port, host, user and password are the required fields. check your email provider for the values.

Signature and server settings

Do not forget to change/edit your company information in the settings page.

company profile